TGCorps, TGC Organizations Reaching People Services is a nonprofit, public charity which was conceived by MJ Preston. The organization is the result of facing the situation of homelessness herself, after developing cancer. She provided care for her mother during chronic illness. Her mother’s demise, after battling the disease, was ultimately the preparation for her own fight for life and foundation, or HOME.

“The most profound discovery is that most of us are not prepared for the worst. Most do not know how to survive in the face of calamity or misfortune, we are not always able to immediately rebound.’

TGCorps is fighting for ALL families NEED to have the creature comforts of life; shelter being the most basic and fundamental of the three (food, shelter and clothing). Home is foundational, as it allows the basic unit of our society, family, to function in life’s daily pursuit of day to day purpose.  Socialization is the process by which we learn how to be a productive and viable members of society. This process takes place within our family unit(s) within our home environments.

In looking around us, through the eyes of the personal experience, TGCorps is a necessary and no nonsense approach to preserving the most basic unit of our society, family. The most fundamental and necessary unit in its practicality of societal function. Family is the foundation of our society, and home, is the foundation for family. We must rally together to prevent the demise of our first influence of self!

Our approach is one of partnership; person to person, person to family, family to community, community to states/region and then to nation. Each one of us that is enabled, doing their part for those that have been disabled through whatever means and for whatever reason. These members remain our family; though extended, and we each are to contribute to the good of all. We are not speaking of a hand out, but a hand up. Our goal is efficiency, not sufficient, this is what is meant in “bringing life to YOUR light”… empowering individuals to restore hope, confidence and determination for families to succeed, as a unit. Through TGCorps we not only support the basic necessity of HOME, but the support necessary to sustain family. Enabling individuals, families and communities is the ultimate goal. And we each are a part of that process.

 Our efforts are not just to support families, which is definitely the ultimate goal, but also to support other organizations. Competition is normally seen as a positive thing in our world, producing the best and most eminent as hero’s. However, we would like to make intra-organizational competition a thing of the past by forming networks across all agencies, ‘connectedness’ all focused on family health. When it comes to helping others to achieve functionality, it can only multiply our efforts. Charity can only be measured in degrees of success not by who does what; but what it accomplishes collectively for the health of our society’s dying institution; family.