Provides services for Homeless, Disenfranchised, Low income and Disadvantaged population through various programs and projects:
* Coordinate housing development
* Program develoment
* Administrative and program tasks
* Fiscal Sponsorship was implemented and will launch several projects in the up coming strategic organizational plans. Our goal is to become instrumental in a Network of Organizational Community to combat the issues that are challenging our potential and chronically homeless populations in our own backyard.


Administrative Housing

2017 Goals for housing are varied. Our initial housing plan includes grounds with three buildings for Admin/Classroom, Meeting/Hosting, Green House for Horticulture and Living Quarters for house workers, guests and other organizational affiliates. Please review to preview these property goals. Administration Building is available for purchase and we are fundraising for procurement. Please donate for our Building Fund.


Program Development

Provide programs to homeless populations and low income families; Holistic Living, Support Services for Career Development and Training, Entrepreneurialship and Small Business, Financial Education, Family Socialization and Support Networks. We encourage a full knowledge of Community Resources (Community, State and Federal) and encourage a network of information and knowledge base for empowerment.


Housing Development

 Help prevent homelessness from probate, foreclosure, death/dying, divorce or other situations that cause or perpetuate home loss, such as job or economic loss or institutional changes. We provide safe transitional housing to homeless populations and low income families; shelters, emergency housing and permanent housing. Through partnership and organizational relationships we provide affordable housing; coordination, prevention, intervention and implementation.


Projections 2017

Additional Homeless sectors and futuristic Programs include Veterans, Domestic Violence, felons and Teen. These are fast growing populations, with many social factors that are contributors to the exponential growth. Our goals are to acknowledge and serve the diversity of the homeless population, as it too has become a melting pot of middle and poor class persons and families. Currently our contributions are from our community members, truly family to family…our foundation of society helping one another.


Advisory Board

We are looking for activists and citizens interested in our mission. We would welcome ideas, contributions of time, monetary donations, real estate or any other giving that would further our cause. Our slogan is “Bringing Life to YOUR light…” This is an empowering of our society one individual at a time. Reflective of the variety and vasity of our communities, are our solutions for its citizens. Family is foundational to society, destruction of family can only result in ultimate decay of our nation.