We are a grassroots nonprofit corporation (501c3) whose goal is to be invisible yet invaluable. We are empowering our families by offering a hand up, not a hand out. We will remain in the background supporting and building the “light” within each of us. The light, that is dimmed by hard times and hard life but not extinguished. The light that we see in our kindred when others may not believe … the good that is intrinsic and can transform lives. We provide the support to enhance the directions that are taken to provide a foundation for living a humane life, a good life for families and communities.

We currently serve the populations of Western Washington. It is our goal to develop an organizational model that may be applied on a national or global level and yet continue to function as a local grassroots effort administrated by community. We must improve our homeland…our fastest growing population, here in America, is the homeless. This has transcended social economic barriers and is threatening the middle-class populations as it has ravaged the poor, mentally ill, transitioning incarcerated, veterans and single parent families, as well as homeless teen and young adults, and now, middle-class American families.

We are developing and implementing various programs and projects that are focused on the diversity of needs and circumstance of clients. Our goal is to provide humane, sanitary and functional affordable housing or shelter, wholesome and nutritional food and adequate clothing and bathe facilities for proper presentation and proper daily functioning, allowing clients to pursue social tools for success and continued advocacy for self and family.

Family; always has been, assuredly currently is and futuristically, shall dominate as our basic social unit. We as a society have redeveloped the dynamics of family but the purpose has remained consistent. We are to enjoy everyday life, teach and protect our young and contribute to those around us. This mission is best accomplished by being a blessing to other people. Whether in little or in big ways, each of us must be in our understanding of living to love; self, family, community and the world. Lets live for providing life, a good life full of peace, inner and outward light.


The humanity of all Americans is diminished when any group is denied rights granted to others…

Dr Martin Luther King