TGCorps Nonprofits at Work

TGC Organizations Reaching People Services is a 501c3 grassroots nonprofit corporation. As a public charity our mission is to provide services for Homeless, Disenfranchised, Low Income and Disadvantaged populations through various programs and projects.

 It is our goal to make a difference in the lives that the varied populations that make up our homeless sectors, are presenting. The homeless are now as integrated as our “melting pot”. Young and old, the fit and disabled, the poor and middle income; diversity is alive and well in this fastest growing population in our own backyards.

 We are proposing, not only to create an awareness of the social issues created by this expanding population. One individual, family, community, town, city, state, region; at a time, we are reaching out. TGCorps is “Bringing life to your light…” We ignite the light in each of us by simply reaching out a hand to promote empowerment. Each of us reaching and teaching another in love will make the world a better place for ALL of US. Family is the basic unit of our society; by destroying our family unit we are in essence destroying ourselves. We NEED to repair our members, our families and expand from there…let’s make an extended family of humanity.  We are truly in this together.

 We are our brother’s keeper!